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Elizabeth Foot and Ankle Associates has been providing exceptional foot and ankle care since 1989.

Located in the Medical office Building right next to Trinitas Regional Hospital, our location is convenient and easily accessible via public transportation. Parking is also a few yards away from the Medical office building entrance.

Here at Elizabeth Foot and Ankle Associates we are committed to provide you with the treatment and result that you deserve.

Our friendly staff is always there to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have. In order to serve you better we speak English,Persian, Turkish, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese.

Our Doctors work in very close association with the Trinitas Regional Hospital wound care clinic, which gives the patients suffering from chronic wounds the opportunity of being monitored by highly specialized wound care nurses under doctor's supervision.

We offer treatment for wound care for chronic and hard to resolve wounds/ulcers, Diabetic foot care, Bunion surgery, hammer toe surgery.

Conservative and surgical treatment of fractures non- unions and malunions, Treatment for tendonitis/ heel pain, Ankle sprain treatment, Sport injuries,orthotic casting/dispensing, Fungal nail infections, infections of skin and bone.

Treatment of plantar warts, pes plano valgus (flat feet) or pes cavus (high arched feet).

Wound Healing & Diabetes

Anual Report 2010-2012 – Wound Healing & Hyperbaric Medicine

During the period of 2010 to 2012, Trinitas Regional Medical Center not only marked its first decade of dedication, it also hit its stride as a major medical institution in the heart of one of New Jersey’s largest and most dynamic communities.

Distance didn’t keep Marilyn Neal of Newark, New Jersey, from making sure that her son, Robert Stephenson of Florida, received the best possible medical care.

While searching the internet for wound care centers, Marilyn Neal located Healogics, Inc. A simple email to Healogics explaining her son’s problems resulted in a phone call within a day from the Center for Wound Healing and Hyperbaric Medicine at Trinitas. “When I spoke with Karen Gordon, Director of the Center,” Marilyn says, “I was confident that my son would get better care here in New Jersey.”

A resident of South Florida for about 20 years, Robert had a successful career as a building property manager in Miami, Fort Myers, Tampa, Lakeland, Jacksonville and other sites around Florida. He developed diabetes shortly after relocating to Florida. Then in 2011, he experienced several other health issues.

He developed gastrointestinal problems, an infection in his toe, and eventually he lost several toes to diabetes. “Everything began to converge,” Robert explains. “My ankles were swelling, I was suffering from gastroperisis which is a slowing down of the digestive system, and diabetic foot ulcers
developed. Then, kidney problems. It was like a domino effect.”

Foot and Ankle Injuries – Check Your Symptoms

If you answer "YES" to any of the following questions, see our health professionals.
Does your foot or ankle look twisted, bent out of shape, or out of its normal position?                          
Do you have pain or tenderness after an injury?        
Has your foot or ankle turned pale, white, blue, or cold?
Do you have numbness or tingling in your injured foot or ankle?                          
Are you unable to move your toe, foot, or ankle normally?          
Is your foot or ankle swollen after an injury?
Did you feel or hear a snap, pop, or grating in your toe, foot, or ankle?       
Do you think you have an infection in your foot or ankle?                       
Is an object, such as a nail, embedded in your foot or ankle?              
Is your foot or ankle bruised after your injury? 

What may increase the risk of a problem from toe, foot, and ankle injuries?
Many conditions, lifestyle choices, medications, and diseases interfere with your ability to heal or fight infection. You may be at risk for a more serious problem from your symptoms. Make sure to tell your health professional.