Wound Healing & Diabetes

Anual Report 2010-2012 – Wound Healing & Hyperbaric Medicine

During the period of 2010 to 2012, Trinitas Regional Medical Center not only marked its first decade of dedication, it also hit its stride as a major medical institution in the heart of one of New Jersey’s largest and most dynamic communities.

Distance didn’t keep Marilyn Neal of Newark, New Jersey, from making sure that her son, Robert Stephenson of Florida, received the best possible medical care.

While searching the internet for wound care centers, Marilyn Neal located Healogics, Inc. A simple email to Healogics explaining her son’s problems resulted in a phone call within a day from the Center for Wound Healing and Hyperbaric Medicine at Trinitas. “When I spoke with Karen Gordon, Director of the Center,” Marilyn says, “I was confident that my son would get better care here in New Jersey.”

A resident of South Florida for about 20 years, Robert had a successful career as a building property manager in Miami, Fort Myers, Tampa, Lakeland, Jacksonville and other sites around Florida. He developed diabetes shortly after relocating to Florida. Then in 2011, he experienced several other health issues.

He developed gastrointestinal problems, an infection in his toe, and eventually he lost several toes to diabetes. “Everything began to converge,” Robert explains. “My ankles were swelling, I was suffering from gastroperisis which is a slowing down of the digestive system, and diabetic foot ulcers
developed. Then, kidney problems. It was like a domino effect.”

As wounds developed on his feet, he had to rely on a motorized Scooter to get around. Robert then experienced swelling and fluid in his legs and soon was unable to work and needed daily care. Although he was undergoing wound care, the treatments were not successful.

During the trip north, Robert needed to have his wounds attended to in Jacksonville and later at the Healogics location
in North Carolina. Once in New Jersey, Robert has been able to see a variety of specialists who have helped with his co-morbidities which included hospitalization for dialysis.

Charles Moss, MD, Medical Director of the Center, who began Robert’s treatments at Trinitas in October 2012 explains why the care at Trinitas has helped: “By having a multidisciplinary center, patients receive care from one doctor who then directs the work of other specialists and nurses who participate in the patient’s care.

That makes all the difference. In Robert’s case, we immediately involved Morteza Khaladj, DPM, Chief of Podiatric Surgery, and William Farrer, MD, Chief of the Infectious Disease Division at Trinitas. We also recommended that Robert see a kidney specialist.”

Dr. Moss continues: “Robert told us that the previous VAC (Vacuum Assisted Closure) treatment which involves the suction removal of fluid from a wound was simply ineffective in his case. Often, the more chronic a wound is, the more difficult it becomes to treat.”

Robert underwent hyperbaric oxygen treatments from mid December 2012 – late January 2013 which have resulted in the complete healing of his wounds. Such treatments help remove dead skin and, in Dr. Moss’ words, “bring the skin back to life.” Kim Lee, RN, Certified Wound Care nurse who is the Clinical Coordinator at the Center, explains that Dr. Khaladj outfitted Robert with a contact cast. “This cast allowed his foot to ‘float’ and not bear the pressure of his weight.

It also offered him some freedom of movement. He responded exceptionally well to the hyperbaric treatments and improved in a shorter period of time that I would have expected.” Charles Moss agrees. “Frequently, patients need not only medical attention but emotional attention as well.

They are faced with health issues that are daunting and challenging to them. What we communicate to our patients is that our multidisciplinary approach is designed to help them get better in every way possible.”

Mother and son describe the staff at Trinitas as “absolutelyextraordinary.” From the management of his case to the collaborative efforts of the medical doctors and specialists, Robert and Marilyn are more than pleased with the “phenomenal care” Robert has received in New Jersey.

They both refer to his successful treatment at Trinitas as a “life altering experience.” Now, Robert looks forward to getting back to bike riding and bowling and returning to Florida. “Without the support of family and friends and the care I got at Trinitas, I wouldn’t be able to be making plans to return to Florida.

I’m fortunate to be able to pick up my life again.” Center Director Karen Gordon believes that the teamwork and commitment of this mother and son was key to his treatment. “If it had not been for Marilyn’s email to Healogics in her search for the best care for him, Robert would not be in the vastly improved condition he is today. No longer in a scooter, he is a proud man walking on his own. As for our Center, we don’t just deliver care, we do care.”

Healogics, Inc. is the leader in outpatient wound care management services and the partner of choice for more than 500 hospitals nationwide. Healogics delivers evidence-based clinical medicine and is focused on providing exceptional outpatient wound care and the Trinitas Center for Wound Healing and Hyperbaric Medicine is proud to be their partner since 1997.

Center for Wound Healing & Hyperbaric Medicine
The Center for Wound Healing & Hyperbaric Medicine at Trinitas Regional Medical Center, one of the top wound healing centers in the United States, received the Robert Warriner III, MD “Center of Excellence” award by Diversified Clinical Services (now Healogics, Inc.) in recognition of its excellent clinical results.

The award salutes Trinitas for exceeding Diversified’s benchmarks in Healing Outcomes, Patient Satisfaction, Outlier Management, and Clinical Performance.